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About Le Tans

Sara Tansy is a professional photographer whose career has been built on storytelling through creative images which resonate within many audiences.

Sara is driven by her creative passion which stems from her early life experiences in world travel and fashion modelling. She is dedicated to creating fresh, engaging content that aligns with her clients’ vision.

For over a decade, Sara has documented people, music, fashion, food, and events and made it simple for growing businesses to tell their stories through high quality, yet accessible photography.

Sara delivers an honest and reliable service and is always ready to take on new storytelling opportunities.

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" Searching, intuitive, whimsical, sexy; her images, I was strangely happy to see, were invariably fresh and original, often arresting and had something – that thing –  that knocked on my memories of photography from the 1980s and 1990s when the new “raw authenticity” was a quest many shooters attempted but only a handful, with the right balance of emotional and worldly intelligence, managed to achieve. " - Janice Breen Burns, Voxfrock.com

"Sara's photography is captivating and beautiful. I have had her shoot everything from building sites, music festivals, events, advertising, portraits and even college graduations and every shot has been perfect. Hard working, she often delivered photos within days of the shoot with the highest standard of editing. A total professional and a pleasure to work with." - Byron Georgouras, Director, Walter William Agency

" I have never met a photographer like Sara, who can understand exactly what I want without explaining every step of the way. She has an amazing ability to make models & talent feel extremely comfortable and capture “truth” in an image. So professional, reliable and has a fabulous energy about her. Looking forward to many amazing years and photoshoots with her. " - Rebecca Townsing, J&R Management

"I've been lucky enough to work with Sara on several shoots for both of my bands - she has shot our press photos, live gigs and also the behind the scenes stills on our music video shoot. Regardless of the purpose of the shoot, she's always so incredibly creative in her concepts and is one of the best photographers I've ever worked with in terms of direction and lighting. She won't rest til she has the perfect shot. Bloody love her. " Phoebe Dubar, Passerine, Phoebe & the Night Creatures

"I have known Sara personally for over 10 years and watched her business blossom. Working as the CEO of a charity I relied is Sara to make a not so sexy brand sexy - she takes her profession personally and brings light to dark subjects and places. It's her way .. she carries a sparkle and ignites life. " Andrea Fleming, CEO Mission to Seafarers' Welfare

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Currently based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Next stop, Los Angeles in 2019.

E sara@letans.com   IG @letans FB /shotbyletans

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