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Le Tans Photography is a committed and reputable Melbourne-based photography company, owned and run by Sara Tansy. 

Le Tans has been operating since February 2012, and is built on the notion of capturing the essence of a brand or event in an image. 
Sara is driven by her creative passion and dedication to creating fresh, engaging content that aligns with her clients’ vision.

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" Searching, intuitive, whimsical, sexy; her images, I was strangely happy to see, were invariably fresh and original, often arresting and had something – that thing –  that knocked on my memories of photography from the 1980s and 1990s when the new “raw authenticity” was a quest many shooters attempted but only a handful, with the right balance of emotional and worldly intelligence, managed to achieve. " - Janice Breen Burns, Voxfrock.com

" I have never met a photographer like Sara, who can understand exactly what I want without explaining every step of the way. She has an amazing ability to make models & talent feel extremely comfortable and capture “truth” in an image. So professional, reliable and has a fabulous energy about her. Looking forward to many amazing years and photoshoots with her. " - Rebecca Townsing, J&R Management

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