[ for the wildly in love ]

[ for the wildly in love ]

[ for the wildly in love ]

meet your third wheel

sara Tans[y]

Bringing the good vibes since '87

I have been a photographer for 15-ish years, but I think I was always meant to be one.

I spent a decade sailing around the world when I was a kid and it was insanely formative - the ocean, the clouds, the stars, the places, the people, their lives.

I see mind blowing beauty in the smallest details and have a real knack for putting people at ease and capturing pure magic with a camera.

I freaking LOVE what I do, and it shows in my work. I also LOVE seeing lovely people in love - it is incredibly rewarding to document such huge life moments for my clients.

you can count on me to be

your photographer

your cheerleader

your ally

the person who

will make you both feel fantastic in front of the camera - and make sure you look like babes

makes sure you get a glass of champagne when you need one

can run interference with tipsy aunt mabel if necessary

is thrilled to be there

is a funny, genuine gal - who gets goosebumps from capturing THE MOMENTS


tell me about you guys though, what's your story?

-please fill out my wee questionnaire below,  and I'll get back to you in two shakes!

[or don't, I'm not your mom]

actual words people have written about me

actual words people have written about me

“Sara is the most amazing and talented photographer I have ever worked with. Our wedding photos came out better than I could have ever dreamed! I am not very comfortable in front of the camera, but Sara made it easy for me to be myself. She got so many incredible shots, not only of us but of all the guests, and captured the vibes perfectly. Absolutely would recommend to anyone!!!!”